Cellufine™ IEX

Cellufine™ Ion Exchange Chromatography Media

The support matrix of the Cellufine™ ion exchange (IEX) media series is highly cross-linked cellulose with dextran scaffold and is shown in the pictograph below. The unique crystalline molecular structure of the support matrix and the variety of pore sizes and ligands that are available in the Cellufine™ IEX chromatography media series make it possible to select a chromatography media that is well matched to specific purification conditions. As demonstrated by the Kav (distribution coefficient) curves shown in the graph below, the support matrix and large pore size of Cellufine™ MAX series media are well suited to the purification of large molecular weight proteins. The performance of these media is shown for thyroglobulin (660 kDa) below.

SEM Pictograph of Cellufine™ MAX IEX Support Matrix

SEM Pictograph of Cellufine™ MAX IEX Support Matrix Image

Kav Curves for Cellufine™ IEX Support Matrix

Breakthrough Curves of Thyroglobulin
(660 kDa)

SEM Pictograph of Cellufine™ MAX IEX Support Matrix Image
Thyroglobulin DBC at 10% Breakthrough
Cellufine™ A-500 3 mg/mL
Agarose DEAE type media 4 mg/mL
Cellufine™ A-800 10 mg/mL
Cellufine™ MAX DEAE 66 mg/mL


  • Suitable for large-scale operation
  • High flow rates allow rapid purification and direct scale-up
  • Capacity can be matched to the molecular weight of the target molecule to optimize yield
  • Ease of packing
  • Stable in organic solvents
  • Compatible with multiple cleaning procedures
  • Ease of regeneration and depyrogenation
  • Low non-specific binding
  • Gentle binding and elution conditions give high capacity and high product yield
  • Passed USP VI acute systemic implant tests

Chemical structures of Cellufine™ IEX series ligands

Strong Anion Exchange (Q) Cellufine™ MAX Q-h
Cellufine™ MAX Q-r
Cellufine™ Q-500
Strong Cation Exchange (S) Cellufine™ MAX S-h
Cellufine™ MAX S-r
Weak Anion Exchange (DEAE) Cellufine™ MAX DEAE
Cellufine™ A-200
Cellufine™ A-500
Cellufine™ A-800
Weak Cation Exchange (CM) Cellufine™ MAX CM
Cellufine™ C-500
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