Cellufine™ SEC

Cellufine™ Size Exclusion Chromatography Media

Gel filtration, or size exclusion chromatography (SEC), is a simple and effective purification method for proteins and other biomolecules. However, slow flow rates and resolution limitations reduce the usefulness of conventional SEC media. These problems are present not only at the laboratory scale but also at the commercial production scale, and these cause significant process bottlenecks. The use of Cellufine™ SEC media overcomes these limitations. The mechanical strength of the spherical cellulose matrix permits the use of high flow rates, which in turn results in high resolution, even in large industrial columns.

Cellufine™ SEC media are available in two types: Cellufine™ GCL-2000 media, which has an exclusion limit of 3,000 kDa, and Cellufine™ GH-25 media, which has an exclusion limit of 3.5 kDa. Cellufine™ GCL-2000 media can be used to separate proteins over a wide range of molecular weights and Cellufine™ GH-25 media can be used for desalting and for separations with buffer exchange.

Exclusion Range of GCL-2000 and GH-25

Exclusion Range of GCL-2000 and GH-25 Graph


  • Compatible with high flow rates, even for process columns with large diameters
  • May be pumped or stirred without fines generation (GCL-2000)
  • No time-consuming swelling procedures required
  • Compatible with all common salts, detergents, chaotropic agents and organic solvents
  • Handles large sample loads (GH-25)
  • Low non-specific adsorption and high recovery
  • Optimizable selectivity to the required molecular weight range
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