Cellufine™ Sulfate

Cellufine™ Sulfate Chromatography Media

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Cellufine™ Sulfate chromatography media is an affinity media for the concentration, purification and depyrogenation of virus, viral/microbial antigens and heparin-binding proteins.

The use of Cellufine™ Sulfate media replaces cumbersome, time-consuming and potentially unsafe classical ultracentrifugation and density gradient methods.

Cellufine™ Sulfate media can also provide a significant improvement in concentration and purity, and the bound product is eluted through simple stepwise or gradient increases in ionic strength. Ligand leakage and reproducibility problems associated with immobilized dextran sulfate, chondroitin sulfate or heparin media are reduced, thus reducing costs.

Furthermore, unlike heparin chromatography, the ligand of Cellufine™ Sulfate media does not have an animal origin, and safety concerns are minimized.


  • Easily scalable
  • Resists compression, which gives rapid flow for high-speed processing, even in large columns
  • Resistant to chemical depyrogenation under basic conditions and chemically sterilizable with formalin
  • Endotoxins do not bind, allowing rapid and contaminant-free depyrogenation
  • Affinity for a wide range of live, killed or disrupted viruses, viral or microbial antigens and heparin-binding proteins
  • More effective than ultracentrifugation at removing contaminants from culture media and host cells
  • Simultaneous concentration and purification steps improve yield and reduce processing steps, time and costs
  • Gentle binding and elution conditions provide high capacity and product yield
  • Safety concerns minimized due to use of an affinity ligand that has a non-animal source
  • Product handling is reduced, particularly with virus preparations, thus reducing safety concerns


Cellufine™ Sulfate Structure
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