BioOptimal™ MF-SL

Hollow fiber microfilter

BioOptimal™ MF-SL is a hollow fiber microfilter. The hollow fibers have a membrane structure of pores with nominal diameters of 0.4 µm. During filtration, these pores allow the filter to effectively separate the contents of a solution through a size exclusion mechanism.

Microfilter Image 01
Microfilter Image 02

Tangential flow filtration

The combination of the size exclusion mechanism and the tangential flow filtration mode allows the filter to separate the components of a solution while preserving their integrity. When separating cells and proteins, the tangential flow safely circulates the cells inside the hollow fibers and returns them to the feed solution reservoir as the TMP pushes the target proteins through the hollow fiber membranes. Due to this gentle treatment, the amounts of cell-derived impurities are reduced to a minimum.

Tangential flow filtration Image
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