Asahi Gold Particle Test System

Save time with an automated Planova™ integrity test

The Gold Particle Test (GPT) is the most precise user-conducted integrity test on the market for Planova™ virus-removal filters. It serves to re-confirm filter pore size distribution after virus filtration. Now you can automate the GPT for 1.0 m² and 4.0 m² of Planova™ 15N and 20N filters using the compact Asahi Gold Particle Test System-II (AGPTS-II).

Asahi Gold Particle Test System Image
  • ・Execute the Gold Particle Test in just 25 minutes for fast results
  • ・Eliminates sample handling, offline QC, and reduces risk of human error
  • ・Complies with Asahi SOP’s validated for cGMP manufacturing
  • ・Flexibility to accommodate multi-product environments

How it works

In the test, a colloidal gold particle solution is applied to the filter. Prior to the beginning of the test, an in-line visual wavelength spectrometer measures the initial absorbance. As the gold particle solution passes through the Planova™ filter, a second absorbance reading evaluates the gold particle removal rate and a pass or fail result is determined based on an LRV calculation of the absorbance values.

Other useful features include:

  • Built-in filter pre-wash step
  • Fraction manifold with AGPTS collection bottle
  • Inline VIS spectrophotometer
  • Backpressure control valve
  • Ability to use a water rinse and air blow down for cleaning
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