Custom VF Systems

Unlock the potential of automated virus-removal

The increasingly complex virus filtration requirements inherent among biopharmaceuticals and plasma derivatives entering clinical and commercial-scale manufacturing has created a need for scalable, flexible platforms driven by powerful yet user-friendly automation. Since Planova™ Virus Filtration Systems combine innovative engineering with a deep understanding of virus clearance, process engineers can improve productivity and risk mitigation simultaneously.

Custom VF Systems Image
  • ・Maximize scalability using up to 40 ㎡ of filtration area for Planova™ 15N, 20N or BioEX filters
  • ・Experience greater flexibility by having the option to incorporate bubbletraps, SIP configurations, conductivity monitoring and pressure-feed or pump-based designs
  • ・Store products using single-use bags or pressurized tanks for greater convenience
  • ・Sanitary design with cGMP-quality documentation turnover package included
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