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Our representatives

Our representatives located in Belgium, Germany and France are dedicated to providing customers with on-site supports and solutions unique to their processes based on our expertise in virus removal filtration and bioprocessing.

Audit reports for Planova manufacturing facilities are now available for purchase from Rx-360, an international pharmaceutical supply chain consortium. Please follow the links below to purchase the reports.

•    Audit Report for Planova Plant (located in Nobeoka-shi, Miyazaki, Japan):

•    Audit Report for Planova Oita Plant (located in Oita-shi, Oita, Japan):

More information can be found here.

Cologne Technical Center

Asahi Kasei Bioprocess Europe opened the Cologne Technical Center in Cologne, Germany in 2010. We provide extended services and customized training to customers in Europe and around the world.

Our facility

  • Laboratory (120 m²) equipped for small- and large-scale processes
  • Workshops and Seminars: Planova™ virus filtration, microfiltration, membrane chromatography
  • Specific Planova™ Filter Trainings, including Integrity Tests
  • Optimization of filter conditions and performance
  • Non-GLP studies upon customer request

Importance of training


Product quality and safety is the sum of a complex set of variables. While processes can be well defined in SOPs, “human variability” remains a critical factor.

Training courses deepen participant understanding and reinforce techniques for practical application.

Our trainings offer

  • A selection of course modules on various subjects
  • Individual and group instruction
  • Courses in English, German, French or Dutch

Become certified

Participants receive a certificate upon completion of training courses, seminars or lectures. For hands-on courses, certification means that the recipient has passed the course requirements and meets the standards of Asahi Kasei Bioprocess with regard to the operation of filters and equipment.

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  2. Course modules and schedule

Process optimization

The Cologne Technical Center provides scientific and technical support at the customer site and at the Technical Center. Our customers benefit from our expertise in product development and process know-how.

We help you to optimize your small- and large-scale processes using our laboratory and equipment. In the process, you will learn about process optimization and how our automated skid systems can be used to support your process.

Showroom and presentations

You will benefit from seeing our equipment in action. We invite you to test our products and assess in how far they meet with your requirements.

  • Asahi Gold Particle Test System (AGPTS)
  • Virus Filtration Controller, Custom VF Systems
  • Planova™ Leak Tester (PLT)
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