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Last call to join us in San Francisco!

We are excited to host the 21st Planova™ Workshop in San Francisco next week!

This event will be the largest Planova Workshop we have ever hosted in the US, with an astonishing number of registrations from the US, Europe and Asia! Space is limited as we head into the final week of accepting registrations. Make your plans to join us today!

Chairs, speakers and final presentation titles are shown below. Their biographies and abstracts are available on The 21st Planova™ Workshop Page (login required to view biographies and abstracts).

■ Chairs

Barry D. Gooch, Ph.D.
Associate Director, Pathogen Safety NC, BioScience Research Group, Grifols

Rachel Specht, Ph.D.
Technical Development Senior Scientist, Process Virology, Pharma Technical Development, Genentech, a member of Roche Group

Ashley Hesslein, Ph.D.
Associate Director, Isolation & Purification, Biological Development, Pharmaceuticals, Bayer US

■ Speakers and Presentations

Virus Filtration Fundamentals
Update on European Regulations
Johannes Blümel, Ph.D., Head of Virus Safety Section, Department of Virology, Paul-Ehrlich-Institut

A Review of Virus Filter Performance -- Critical Process Parameters and Best Practice
Horst Ruppach, Ph.D., Director, Viral Clearance and Virology, Biologics Testing Solutions, Charles River Laboratories

Overview of Challenges in Virus Filtration: Principles and Applications
Tomoko Hongo-Hirasaki, Ph.D., Senior Scientist of Evaluation and Analysis in Virus Filtration, Bioprocess Division, Asahi Kasei Medical

Establishing a Virus Filter Design Space -- Impact of Process Interruption on Parvovirus Retention
Ashlee Smith, Associate Scientist, BioTherapeutics Development - API; Discovery, Product Development & Supply, Janssen Research & Development

Different Apparent Size of Parvoviruses Determined by Virus Filtration
Thomas Nowak, Ph.D., Senior Manager, Pathogen Safety, CSL Behring

Direct Visualization of Behavior of Virus and Proteins in Planova™ Membrane Filters Using Advanced Microscope System with Confocal Optics
Takayuki Nishizaka, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Physics, Gakushuin University

Process Development
Case Study: Evaluation of the Effects of Process Pause and Pressure Variation on Planova™ 20N Virus Filter
Samuel Vollert, Process Development Scientist I, Downstream Process Development, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Perspective on Viral Filter Selection and Viral Clearance Assessment from a Biology-First Portfolio
Ben Tillotson, Ph.D., Senior Scientist, Drug Substance Technologies, Amgen

Nanofiltration: A BioEX Driven Platform Assessment
Doug MacDonald, Senior Scientist, BioProcess Development, Seattle Genetics

Clarification Impurities Impact Viral Filtration of a Therapeutic Antibody
Ryan Zolyomi, Senior Development Associate, Isolation & Purification, Biological Development, Bayer US

Strategy for Virus Filtration Challenges
Matt Luo, Ph.D., Executive Director and Haikuan Liu, Ph.D., Associate Director, Downstream Process Development, Wuxi Biologics (Shanghai)

Robust Manufacturing & New Trends
Meeting Planova™ and Selecting BioEX for Our Monoclonal Antibody (mAb) Manufacturing Process
Yumiko Masuda, Scientist, Biologics Technology Research Laboratories, Biologics Division, Daiichi Sankyo

Of Future Biotechnology Options, and the Central Role of Nanofiltration
Andreas Wieser DI (FH), Senior Laboratory Associate, Global Pathogen Safety, Shire

Use of a Non-Infectious Surrogate to Predict Minute Virus of Mice Removal During Nanofiltration
David Cetlin, Founder/C.E.O., MockV Solutions

Evaluating the Impact on Viral Clearance of Multiple Unplanned Interruptions During Virus Removal Filtration
Kevin K. Okimura, Senior Manager, Outsourced Manufacturing, Portola Pharmaceuticals

Virus Filtration in Continuous Processing
Bastian Budde, Ph.D., Senior Expert Process Development, Downstream, Process Development, Bayer AG

Challenges of Implementing Virus Filtration into Continuous Manufacturing
Daniel Strauss, Ph.D., Principal Scientist, Science and Technology, Asahi Kasei Bioprocess America

We look forward to hosting you in San Francisco, one of the centers of biotechnology. Join us in discovering more about the latest applications and strategies for using Planova filters.

Additional information is available on The 21st Planova™ Workshop Page.