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Updated event details for The 22nd Planova™ Workshop

We look forward to hosting you at the upcoming 22nd Planova™ Workshop in Lisbon where professionals from around the world will gather to share their expertise on topics such as virus filtration fundamentals, process development, robust manufacturing and new trends.

Confirmed chairs, speakers and tentative presentation titles are shown below.


Thomas R. Kreil, Ph.D.
Vice President, Global Head of Pathogen Safety, Takeda Pharmaceutical Company

Salvador Grancha, Ph.D.
Vice President R&D, Bioscience Industrial Group, Grifols

Uwe Gottschalk, Ph.D.
Chief Scientific Officer, Pharma Biotech & Nutrition R&D, Lonza

Nathan J. Roth, Ph.D.
Executive Director, Global Pathogen Safety, R&D, CSL Behring

Speakers and Presentations

Fundamental Knowledge

Overview of Challenges in Virus Filtration: Principles and Applications
Tomoko Hongo-Hirasaki, Ph.D., Lead Expert, Scientific Affairs, Global Marketing, Bioprocess Division, Asahi Kasei Medical

Regulatory Developments in Viral Safety
Johannes Blümel, Ph.D., Head of Virus Safety Section, Department of Virology, Paul-Ehrlich-Institut

Strategies for Controlling Virus Risk in Upstream Processes
Andy Bailey, Ph.D., CEO & Operations Director, ViruSure

Quantitative Visualization of Virus Behavior in Planova™ Membrane Filters Using Optical Microscopes
Takayuki Nishizaka, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Physics, Gakushuin University

Implementation of Virus Removing Filtration - Challenges to Overcome
Ingrid M.M. Prins-de Nijs, Project Leader Product Development, Sanquin Plasma Products

Hepatitis E Virus Filtration

A Non-Enveloped Virus with a Lipid Envelope: Antibody-Enhanced
Hepatitis E Virus Nanofiltration During the Manufacture of Human Immunoglobulin
Andreas Wieser, DI (FH), Senior Lab Associate, Global Pathogen Safety, Takeda Pharmaceutical Company

Impact of Matrix Conditions on Small Virus Challenges to 35-nm Filtration: Case Study of Hepatitis A and E Viruses in the Context of a Virus Safety Evaluation of an Immune Globulin from Human Plasma
Francisco Belda, Ph.D., Pathogen Safety Coordination Section Manager, Bioscience Industrial Group, Grifols

Practical Approach to Evaluating the Removal of Hepatitis E Virus, a Membrane-Associated Non-Enveloped Virus by Nanofiltration Membrane
Kaoru Sakai, Ph.D., General Manager, Central Research Laboratory, Japan Blood Products Organization

Robust Manufacturing

Next Generation Processes: Challenges and Considerations for Robust Validation of Viral Filtration Applications
James Eagles, MS&T Purification Scientist, Manufacturing Science & Technology, Bristol-Myers Squibb

Adoption of the Planova™ BioEX to a Platform Process
John Zehmer, Ph.D., Scientist III, Purification Sciences, MacroGenics

Robust Virus Removal in Boehringer Ingelheim's Downstream Platform Processes
Simon Reitz, Ph.D., Associate Director Protein Science, BioProcess + Analytical Dev., Boehringer Ingelheim

New Trends and Virus Filtration Fundamentals

Aggregate Clearance in the Production of Viral Vaccines
Leila Dias, Ph.D., Senior DSP Scientist in Process Development for Viral Vaccines, Intravacc

Virus Reduction for Large Proteins: Nanofiltration & UV-C Irradiation, a Complementary Approach
Marcel Asper, Ph.D., Director Virus Laboratory - Pathogen Safety, Biotest

Impact of Critical Process Parameters on Virus Filtration
Walter Elffrink, B.Sc., Senior Research Technician, Synthon Biopharmaceuticals

Choice of Parvovirus Model (MVM, CPV, PPV) Influences the Interpretation of the Effectiveness of Virus Filtration Step
Thomas Nowak, Ph.D., Senior Manager, Global Pathogen Safety, CSL Behring

Low Flux Impacts on Virus Filtration: The Devil is in the Details
Daniel Strauss, Ph.D., Principal Scientist, Science and Technology, Asahi Kasei Bioprocess America

We would be honored to host you in the beautiful city of Lisbon. Additional information will be released in upcoming announcements and on The 22nd Planova™ Workshop Page.