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TechniKrom's Bioprocess Operations to be Integrated with Asahi Kasei Medical

Asahi Kasei Medical and TechniKrom, Inc., a world-leader in the field of bioprocess equipment technology, have concluded an agreement for the transfer of TechniKrom's bioprocess business to Asahi Kasei Medical's full ownership. The integration of operations, scheduled for March 1, 2009, will mark a major expansion of Asahi Kasei Medical's business, further into the field of bioprocess equipment and separation media.

Asahi Kasei Medical's current business in the bioprocess field is centered on Planova™ filters and filtration systems for virus removal in the production of biopharmaceuticals. The integration of TechniKrom's business will enable Asahi Kasei Medical to offer a wide range of novel bioprocess separation media, equipment, and systems - advancing technology for the production of high-quality biopharmaceuticals.

Medical-related operations are a focus for strategic expansion under the Asahi Kasei Group's Growth Action - 2010 management initiative. Asahi Kasei Medical's Planova™ virus removal filters are highly regarded by pharmaceuticals manufacturers throughout the world for the outstanding viral safety they enable in bioprocess production, and are relied on in the production processes for a wide range of biotherapeutics.

Recent years have seen exceptionally strong growth in demand for biopharmaceuticals, whose active ingredients are typically proteins produced using genetic engineering, cell culture, and other biotechnology. Requirements for biopharmaceuticals production technology to enable higher quality and safety have risen commensurately.

Through the transaction announced today and with further investment of resources in the field of bioprocess technology, Asahi Kasei Medical will build on the Asahi Kasei Group's core technologies in hollow-fibers and membrane adsorption, providing a wide range of bioprocess separation media which meet growing market needs.

TechniKrom is a leading supplier of equipment, systems, and services for the production of biopharmaceuticals with a growing market presence in key markets throughout the world from its base in North America, where biopharmaceuticals research and development is most advanced. Asahi Kasei Medical has a longstanding alliance with TechniKrom in the commercialization of equipment for use with Planova™ filters.

Based on a shared vision for the growth and development of the combined bioprocess technology business moving forward, the combination of Asahi Kasei Medical's separation media technology with TechniKrom's bioprocess equipment and systems technology will meet customer needs for integrated bioprocess solutions.

For Asahi Kasei Medical, this integration of operations meets the following objectives:

・Enabling the provision of high-performance bioprocess systems based on synergies between Asahi Kasei Medical's membrane technology and TechniKrom's bioprocess equipment technology.
・Advancing the worldwide expansion of bioprocess operations with a base for the development, production, and sale of equipment and systems in the US, the world's leading biopharmaceuticals market.
Corporate profiles

Asahi Kasei Medical Co., Ltd
President: Yasuyuki Yoshida
Head office: Tokyo, Japan
Establishment: October 1, 2007
Shareholding: 100% by Asahi Kasei Corp.
Main products: Planova™ virus removal filters, SepacellTM leukocyte reduction filters

TechniKrom, Inc.
President: Louis Bellafiore
Head office: Glenview, IL, USA
Establishment: February 14, 1994
Main products: Bioprocess equipment and systems