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Launch of the IBD™ 1K system for debottlenecking downstream processes

Inspired by the need to debottleneck downstream processing facilities and improve processing of high titers in today's purification suites, the new IBDTM 1K system combines innovative engineering and award-winning buffer blending technology to accelerate pilot, clinical and commercial-scale manufacturing.

The IBDTM 1K represents the next step in the evolution of the original IBDTM Inline Buffer Dilution System designed to create on-demand dilute buffers from up to 20X concentrates. Featuring a compact 26" × 48" footprint, the IBDTM 1K is equipped to generate flow rates between 60 - 1000 L/h with unique, accurate multi-stage blending methodology that was recently awarded United States Patent 8271139.

About the IBDTM 1K System

For biopharmaceutical companies and CMOs seeking to adopt principles of lean manufacturing and continuous processing, the ability to create just-in-time buffers in an ergonomic, economical manner can substantially improve productivity. Since the IBDTM 1K reduces dependence on time consuming, manual buffer production and eliminates QC and cleaning costs associated with storing water, process engineers can increase throughput and replace large buffer tanks with disposable bags. The IBDTM 1K leverages unique process analytical technology (PAT) to monitor pH and conductivity simultaneously and can support ternary blends for more complex process requirements.


  • Contains a pre-engineered platform optimized for facilities of all sizes
  • Drives downstream unit operations, including chromatography and virus filtration
  • Offers greater efficiency and precision compared to legacy skids
  • Reduces the need to discard or reprocess out-of-spec buffers

About Asahi Kasei Bioprocess, Inc.

Asahi Kasei Bioprocess, Inc. helps biopharmaceutical manufacturers overcome purification bottlenecks with a streamlined approach defined by quality, consistency, and scalability. We provide virus removal filters, membrane adsorbers, hollow fiber microfilters, chromatography products and automated skids for downstream processing of biopharmaceuticals and plasma-derived drug products.

For more information or detailed specifications, visit the IBD™ 1K product page