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2020 Planova™ US Virtual Symposium

We are pleased to invite you to join the upcoming Planova™ Virtual Symposium.

In lieu of our usual Planova event, a virtual symposium will enable us to evolve safely to meet current COVID-19 challenges.

The theme of the Planova Virtual Symposium is "challenging processes". This theme includes, among others, the following topics: continuous processing, challenging molecules and process conditions.

The challenges that we all face today with COVID-19 continue to define a new normal, and it is a reminder to the global community of the need for vigilance and cooperation. As we continue to learn how to best serve our communities, Asahi Kasei Bioprocess remains committed to enhancing the safety of biotherapeutic products.

It is now more important than ever to continue communicating with each other. The Planova Workshop has always been an opportunity for Planova users to share experiences and learn best practices for virus filtration and related applications and technologies.

At our event, key industry leaders in biotherapeutics will also present on topics such as tips for process optimization, validations, regulatory requirements and scaling up to commercial manufacturing. The event presenters are professionals in their fields. The goal of Planova events is always to learn from each other, and support patients and individuals working on the front lines.

See the Planova US Virtual Symposium 2nd Announcement in the following PDF document.

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