Planova Workshop

The 23rd Planova™ Workshop

In the city that innovated transportation, sanitation, public health, and finance to become a diverse and vibrant urban center, we welcome you to join us for the latest developments in bioprocessing focused on virus filtration and purification. We are excited to renew our plans to hold the Workshop as an in-person event in the heart of Manhattan.

At the 23rd Planova™ Workshop, distinguished users of our products will share their experiences and expertise in upstream and downstream process development as we explore the theme of “reliable processes”. Through our reliable products and customer support, we contribute to developing biopharmaceutical processes in the face of difficulties posed by the ongoing pandemic. Our workshop attendees are scientists, process development professionals, process engineers, and managers focused on virus filtration and pathogen safety of biopharmaceuticals worldwide.

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Join us in New York City or online to gain insights and learn advanced techniques that can be applied to your processes. More information will be forthcoming in our following announcement and our Workshop website.

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