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Cologne Technical Center (CTC) and Training Facility

The Cologne Technical Center (CTC) and Training Facility exists to provide our customers with timely accurate information and support on Asahi Kasei Bioprocess products along with the knowledge to integrate these products into a robust manufacturing process.

We offer globally connected technical trainings in the use of virus filtration/microfiltration products and concept driven learning in biological processes through an innovative and top tier approach to customer experience.

We are a team of scientists, engineers, and educators from both industry and top academic institutions, who are excited to offer you and your team our expertise through basic and more advanced courses. We can also perform case studies and provide technical support services.

Training and Seminars at CTC and Training Facility

Planova™ Training Seminar at CTC

The Planova™ Seminars include an in-depth lecture on the theory of nanofiltration and practical training and handling. We will cover both lab-scale and manufacturing-scale use and viral safety, up/down scaling filtration, and optimization/troubleshooting aimed at improving the efficiency of your filtration operations during both developmental and manufacturing phases. The classroom-style lecture and the practical training and handling are conducted by our expert and external speakers.

BioOptimal™ MF-SL & Microza®  UMP/UJP Training Seminar at CTC

This BioOptimal/Microza Microfiltration Seminar includes a detailed theoretical lecture, and a practical training of the microfilters. The main features of our filters are their capacity for complete clearance of cells and cell debris, their excellent product transmission/sieving, their high resistance to clogging offering long runs before filter changeouts, their flexibility to be used in Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF) or in Alternating Tangential Flow (ATF). The classroom-style lecture, together with the practical training and handling, the presentation of concrete case studies and the recommendations of optimal conditions/parameters will make you fully operational with MF-SL BioOptimal/Microza in a perfusion application.

Planova™ Training Seminar at NIBRT in Dublin, Ireland

Learn nanofiltration theory and technique from the pioneers in virus removal filtration.  Asahi Kasei Bioprocess organizes the one-day PLANOVA™ seminar at the NIBRT facility in Dublin. This seminar will enable participants to improve the efficiency of filtration operations using PLANOVA™ filters during both the developmental and manufacturing phases. Participants will learn generalities about virus removal and virus safety, the theories behind each necessary step of the operating procedures, perform hands-on practical training, and receive consultative advice from our experts. 
nibrt National Institute for Bioprocessing Research and Training

Planova™ Seminar at EASE in Strasburg, France

We are inviting customers to the EASE (European Aseptic and Sterile Environment) training center at the University of Strasbourg for our PLANOVA Seminar. This one-day seminar will focus on practical training and handling and will help participants in clearing doubts, deepen their understanding, and reinforce techniques for practical application during the operations of PLANOVA filters. This seminar offers an excellent opportunity for customers to simulate a clean room environment. We will also organize a facility tour at EASE through USP to fill and finish.