Planova™ Seminar 2023 Turkey

Planova™ Seminar 2023 Turkey
Hyatt Centric Levent Istanbul
Istanbul, Turkey
16th May 2023

We are pleased to announce the Planova™ Seminar 2023 in Istanbul, Turkey.

The goal of the seminar is to improve your knowledge of virus removal by Planova filtration and cell culture clarification using BioOptimal. Distinguished experts will present case studies with Planova™ filters and will discuss the downstream process development and manufacturing of biological products. It will be an excellent networking event to gain new insights and learn about the advanced technology of our newly launched product Planova S20N that can be applied to your processes.

Our experts will provide practical hands-on demonstrations of the use of Planova™ filters. Take advantage of this superb opportunity to deepen your understanding of real-world virus filtration. Event attendees are professionals in the fields of regulation, process development, pathogen safety, quality, and manufacturing.

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