Products & Services Details for Planova™ S20N


Planova™ S20N contributes to ensuring the viral safety of plasma derivatives such as immunoglobulins and coagulation factors.

Features & Performances

Higher Flux and Throughput

The superior regenerated cellulose membrane of Planova™ S20N withstands higher filtration pressure and resists clogging to deliver stable filterability with higher flux and throughput.

Robust Virus Removal Capability

Planova™ S20N shows high virus LRV with various viruses and process designs.

Excellent Scalability and High Lot-to-Lot Consistency

Planova™ S20N shows consistent water flux across filter sizes and stable flux and virus removal across different lots.

Improved Operational Efficiency

Simplified post-use integrity testing, which consists of only a leakage test, contributes to operational efficiency during process scale-up and manufacturing.

Integrity Test

Integrity tests are conducted on Planova™ S20N in order to confirm that the hollow fibers are free from damage. Planova™ S20N using regenerated cellulose enables “simplified” operation for your post-use integrity test due to optimized pressure resistance compared with its Planova™ N series. It has been confirmed that the absence of pore size distribution shift of the filter under normal filtration conditions. The integrity tests performed by Asahi Kasei Medical during the manufacturing of Planova™ S20N ensure that only filters with the desired virus retention characteristics are released for shipment to the user. Each filter that passes integrity tests is considered to have the appropriate virus retention characteristics and be free of gross defects such as pinholes.

The integrity test for Planova™ S20N performed by the user is simple ─ only a leakage test. The leakage test can be performed either as a manual test to detect pressurized air bubbling through the hollow fibers (visual leakage test, VLT) or in an automated procedure to quantitatively measure airflow through the hollow fibers using the Planova™ Leak Tester (PLT) for 1.0 m² Planova™ S20N.

Planova™ S20N must be individually subjected to the leakage test twice both pre-use (before filtration) and post-use (after filtration). The leakage test is performed pre-use to detect defects that may have occurred during shipping and post-use to detect defects that may have formed during the filtration process.

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