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Virus Filtration Trainings

Practice makes perfect; a trouble-free operation can be realized through effective trainings. While processes can be well defined in SOPs, human variability remains a critical factor. Training courses would help participants in clearing doubts, deepen understanding and reinforce techniques for practical application during operations. Our trainings cover both lab-scale and manufacturing-scale, aimed at improving the efficiency of filtration operations during both developmental and manufacturing phases. Asahi Kasei Bioprocess virus filtration experts are always motivated to work together with customers to achieve operational success.

On-site Training

To provide you with greater convenience, our team of virus filtration expert will conduct filter usage and/or integrity test trainings for you using our sample filters, at your site, suiting to your schedule and most importantly meeting to your specific needs. We will tailor a lab-scale training for you Development Team, or large-scale one for your Manufacturing Team. Participants will be able to learn the theories behind each necessary step, observe demonstrations closely, perform hands-on practical trainings and receive consultative advices from our support scientists.

Off-site Training

If you desire, we also offer trainings courses and wet seminars available for you off-site, for your individual team, or in groups together with other teams. For your convenience, we will prepare the necessary samples, filters and instruments. Not only you will be able to learn the theories behind each step, observe demonstrations and perform hands-on practical trainings, there will be opportunities for new findings and learning exchanges with other teams. When opportunity allows, you may also observe demonstrations of our state-of-the-art filtration and integrity test system.